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Sanctuary – Roman Ridge

NCS have been commissioned by Sanctuary housing to supply and install a wiring scheme to support all data and telephonic devices within the new care home.

Within each of the 80 bedrooms NCS have supplied category 5e lsoh cabling to support future telephone or data requirements.

All wiring has been routed back to satellite cabinets that have been sighted within the building to enable the wiring scheme to remain within the 100mtr rule.

These cabinets have been connected via om3 grade fibre back to a main computer room that will house all IT hardware for this project.

NCS have also installed telephone multicore cabling between the main computer room and the satellite cabinets. All cabling will be presented on suitably sized RJ45 patch panels which will enable all services within the building to be patched to any room within the building.

Within a central location within the building sanctuary will have an office environment therefore cabling will also be installed to support the administration side of the building.

NCS are working alongside Strata construction to complete this project by the end of the summer 2009